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For your personal security, our contact form has no required fields. When contacting us (through our contact page or by other means) just provide information you are comfortable giving so we can contact you with a reply and provide accurate information. We do not collect any personal information about web site visitors other than what you submit in the contact page. We do not sell, redistribute, or track your personal information, except in the event that we are unable to give you the information requested. Then, we may forward your request to another outdoor company or an independent advertising agency who can help you. If you do not wish to have your information forwarded without prior consent, please indicate this in the memo field.

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The billboards or digital screens shown on this web site are owned and operated, or exclusively managed by General Outdoor Advertising or one of it's affiliates. You must have permission from General Outdoor Advertising to redistribute photosheets, pictures, or other information. Furthermore, the pictures, files, and information must not be altered and ownership must be disclosed when redistributing. Any alterations or modifications must be approved in writing by General Outdoor Advertising.

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